Thursday, June 10, 2010

Despite it being Finals Week...

...This week has been rather awesome! And I only have one final to go until I get a nice, relaxing week in Pennsylvania, visiting family and not worrying about anything at all.
So, I got the best gift ever on Tuesday (no lie, it cannot be topped!). My friend Lacie, who I shared the art show with, made me this. Isn't it beautiful??!!!?!?!!?!?!

Now, there's a wonderful (but not really) story behind the reason as to why she made me a Zombie Foot vase. It goes like this:
I wrote a children's poem, found here ( if you want to read it... and I made her read it, and asked for her to draw a picture for it. In exchange, I'd charcoal a picture of her daughter. She told me she could not draw feet, and she was in ceramics class, so she's mke me a foot vase instead. And buy did she. It is beautiful. It even has painted-on leg hairs!
Now for the other awesome news: I got a job at Crafts2000! It's my first real job ever! (sitting at a desk for only 8hrs a week I do ot really consider a job)
I start on the 20th.

Last night I witnessed some of the most epic --- and delicious-looking --- clouds I have ever seen. They remind me of warm cotton candy. Good way to close out a good day.

I have my last final in public speaking at 10, and then I am free. Thank goodness.
A Question For You:
How was your week? Did anything fun happen?
Kate s.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

My Weekend

My weekend consisted of actually going outside for once, art, and a new piece of furniture. Peculiar, yes?
Blowing bubbles is fun, but eating them is not...

Now, this is in memory of my sister's long, scraggly hair of childhood. She's been waiting ages to get more than ten inches, and recently had her hair cut off and sent to Locks of Love. She looks much older with her short hair...
Oh, and there's my turtle, Kameko.

I finally finished this one! I love Pan's Labyrinth, and had been meaning to do some fanart for a long long time. What do you think?

And this here is my cousin, Cameron, who is graduating sometime in the middle of this month. They go till the middle of June! Crazy! Well, so do I, but I'm in college, and this is still high school for him. He is a genius, by the way. He got a full ride to some prestigious school near Pittsburgh. Awesome!

And this here is peculiar. On Sunday, my family and I went to a benefit dinner for a lady who has breast cancer. Along with the dinner, there was a silent auction, with this lovely little corner shelf up for grabs. I paid $20 for it. The first piece of real furniture I ever bought. Hooray for me.

A Question for You:
How was your weekend? Do anything fun?
See ya later,

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Best. Long Weekend. Ever.

These are old to the point of being irrelevant, but I wanted to share with you guys.

Here's my art show!!!

My friend, and fellow artist, Lacie.
Her daughter, whose image I used for a pic.

And my brother Luke.

And my sister Baylee. The school bought this pic of her. Cool!

And then, that Monday night, my friend Sarah and I saw Paramore in concert. We went deaf, but it was worth it.