Thursday, June 10, 2010

Despite it being Finals Week...

...This week has been rather awesome! And I only have one final to go until I get a nice, relaxing week in Pennsylvania, visiting family and not worrying about anything at all.
So, I got the best gift ever on Tuesday (no lie, it cannot be topped!). My friend Lacie, who I shared the art show with, made me this. Isn't it beautiful??!!!?!?!!?!?!

Now, there's a wonderful (but not really) story behind the reason as to why she made me a Zombie Foot vase. It goes like this:
I wrote a children's poem, found here ( if you want to read it... and I made her read it, and asked for her to draw a picture for it. In exchange, I'd charcoal a picture of her daughter. She told me she could not draw feet, and she was in ceramics class, so she's mke me a foot vase instead. And buy did she. It is beautiful. It even has painted-on leg hairs!
Now for the other awesome news: I got a job at Crafts2000! It's my first real job ever! (sitting at a desk for only 8hrs a week I do ot really consider a job)
I start on the 20th.

Last night I witnessed some of the most epic --- and delicious-looking --- clouds I have ever seen. They remind me of warm cotton candy. Good way to close out a good day.

I have my last final in public speaking at 10, and then I am free. Thank goodness.
A Question For You:
How was your week? Did anything fun happen?
Kate s.

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