Thursday, February 18, 2010

Despite the Copious Amounts of Evil Snow... is a rather good day! I managed to pull off the only A in my English class on the midterm! Granted, it's a very low A, but the prof's tests are super-difficult (10 short-answer questions and 4 essays in 2 hrs), so I am very happy. I got two 20s on the essays! I've never even gotten one 20 before! And there was much rejoicing!!! ... some girl just handed me an ice cream sundae. I like today.
So, here's some art:
I don't know who this girl is (my friend gave me this pic to do
for someone in her sociology class), but she made for a pretty fun project.
Charcoaled this in one of my 2 hour shifts in the gallery.
Quick sketch at Bob Evans!
This is the profile of my 9-year-old sister,
drawn on the back of those paper menu things they give you.
She has a lot of hair.

Aaaannnd here's me.
I just wanted to show off my most
favourite shirt in the world.
I got it at the Animal Kingdom in Disney World,
in the gift shop of the terrifying dinosaur ride.

So, that's today. My weekend starts in about an hour and
fifteen minutes, after my gallery shift is over.
G'bye for now!

A question for you:
What's your favourite shirt? Why?

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