Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

... or Single's Awareness Day, if you're me. Or Happy Chinese New Year! Year of the Tiger, I do believe. We celebrate everything in my house!

So... we've had so much snow, it's not funny. I understand that everyone has, but my three younger siblings had no school last week while I had college. Other than that, though, I've been stuck inside. I've worn out my project ideas. I've made Valentine's Day cards. I've actually studied. I've rearranged my room.

I've learned a new trade, which will be documented here:

While cleaning out my closet, I found two pair of really old, rather destroyed jeans. The knees were completely blown out and this pair had paint down the front. So, I cut the legs off so I'd have more shorts in the summer. (I miss summer!) And I have BOXES of embroidery floss lying around, so I figured I would try needlepoint. ( I hand-sew everything, anyway.) And I like ships and octopi. No references, I just kinda went for it. That's how I do my charcoals and everything else. Planning takes too long. This only took a few hours total. But I still need to hem the backs of the legs.

All in all, this was a productive, albeit cabin fever-ish weekend. And I start back in the art gallery tomorrow. I'll be getting paid again!

A question for you:
What should I put on the other pair of shorts I made?

Another question for you:
What did you do today, to celebrate Valentine's Day or Chinese New Year?


  1. Ha, I like 'Single's Awareness Day'.

    I unfortunately had to work at my serving job for Vday. It was a shit show. Should've requested it off.

    Ce la vie.

  2. I had church and then ate a lot and then knitted, and then studied. Fun, fun.