Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Just Another College Day

Instead of being a good student, I knit.
Here's a Harry Potter scarf I made for the Ravenclaw house.
I make these for y library to sell, since libraries
are getting all these super-ridiculous budget cuts.
I like helping.
And then I wanted to make a fashion-y hat for me
(why pay for one when you can make it?)
But it turned out a little too "Colonial Williamsburgh."
Oh, well. As long as it's warm.
Now, off to college!
(My college is one of the very few open today. Why???)

Some 3rd floor balcony shots.
Look at all that snow!

Okay, now it's time to go inside!

This is where I work. The Ohio University Eastern branch
has a lovely gallery that hosts all kinds of shows.
This month is quilts by the dean's wife.
I get a show next. Well, a third-of-a show.

I do love this place very much because it one of the very few
quiet places in the college.

These were taken from my desk.
Really, my only duties are to try to get people to come inside,
and if they do, make sure they sign the guestbook.
This leads to lots of free time.
So I do homework. Or go online.

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