Friday, February 19, 2010

What a Wonderful Day! and an About Me

My siblings (pictured above is Alex and Baylee) had to go to school, and I had today off! I am so happy!
My mum and I went to Red Lobster without them!

It may not look it, but it got to 40 degrees today! It was "warm" enough to go without a coat!

So I did.

Oh, goodness, how I've missed the sun...

Watch me jump into the snow without any regard to health or safety!
True, the snow still comes up to the middle of my shin, but I could go coatless.

So, my sister has friends over, since she's gone weeks without contact outside of her family. I totally understand. And all these girls (who are also all sisters) are the most mature and funny young girls I've met in a long while. I don't know how they do it. And that's really something for me to say that, because I really cannot stand children.

My papa took my youngest brother (not pictured here) to a basketball game so he could see all his friends. I, on the other hand, have seen everyone on account of being at school while no one else was...

Whoa! Hold it right there! You guys know nothing about me! (And when I say "guys," I am speaking hypothetically, since no one reads this.) So I'm gonna throw some random facts at you:

1. I have three pets. They are all turtles. Two painted turtles, named Eris and Hermes, and a little box turtle named Kameko. I love them, even when they snap at my fingers.

2. I am left-handed, and con-flabbed proud of it. My little sister is, too, and no one in my family knows where that came from. Yes! We are the only ones!

3. My dad is a preacher. It's led to a rather interesting child- and teenage-hood.

4. My mum is a physician's assistant. When she retires, she wants to chase tornadoes.

5. I don't eat mammals. Not for any profound reason or to make a statement. It just grosses me out.

6. I desparately hate where I live. I lived in Huntington, WV for the first six years of my life. It's not a big city, but it's a city nonetheless. And now I'm in the country and it's terrible. I'd move if I wasn't going to college for free.

7. I honestly think that Disney World is the most magical place on Earth, and I love it very much.

8. I used to dress all Goth and emo, but then I rediscovered colours. But more and more black and grey is slipping into my wardrobe.

9. I wish I was more interesting. Or pretty.

10. I am jealous of people with small families.

There! That's enough! Now you have a (kinda) glimpse at my very uneven psyche!
Goodbye for now.

A question for you:
What did you do today?

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