Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Happy Frabjous Day

Well, I saw Alice in Wonderland yesterday. It was fantastic! I'd heard some very damning reviews, but I was blown away. It wasn't Tim Burton's best movie, but I never figured it would be (that title goes to Edward Scissorhands), but I thoroughly enjoyed it. The 3D didn't even give me a headache, as it usually does. Huzzah for getting used to it!
My friend Cheyenne and I left college at 3-ish, bought our tickets, and then killed time by eating desserts at Garfield's. our theatre, in an attempt to get people to see it, had small drinks for $1 and small popcorns for $1, also. So we ate that too.
We cheered for all the voices we recognized and enjoyed the acid-trippy movie. Not a bad Tuesday, if I do say so myself.

(If this pic is blurry, it's because I had to take it with my little laptop camera. XD
This'll be for sale at my art show. 9 x 12
The Alice pic I did as a going-away present. 9 x 12, also)

So, for tomorrow, I'm ushering again. I love this play so much, I had a dream about ushering it!

So, there it is.

A question for you:
What do you think of 3D movies? Good, bad, don't care?

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