Monday, March 8, 2010

My Lovely Weekend

This here is my turtle, Kameko. Obviously, this was taken in the summer. Oh, how I miss summer. Anyhow, I just wanted to show you guys.

So, because I still have no money for a new camera, there'll be no visual aide to document my weekend. That's okay; the pics would've been illegal --- they're not bad, they're just copyrighted.

As you've read before, I assume, I work in the art gallery at my college. My boss is a student / cultural intern who may actually be younger than me. Anyhow, he is in the current play that OUE is putting on, called "Noises Off," a British farce. He asked me and another gallery girl if we wanted to usher for the play on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. We get paid and we get to see the show for free every night. Naturally, I said yes. I like helping.

Honestly, people, this play is hilarious. Like, tears rolling down my face and me falling out of my chair, hilarious. Thursday and Friday nights we had crowds of 40 or so (this theatre is small) but on Saturday, we had a crowd of over 100, including my mum and little sister. The play is even better when you see it with a giant group.

So, there it is. Other than spending my weekend at school, I accidentally locked myself out of my house for 2 hrs, and bought a rose plant I named Clara for $1.

So, back to the old grind. Finals are next week. I'm going to visit family in Pennsylvania on Friday. And I'm gonna usher on Wednesday for the matinee, Thursday, and Saturday. Ushering had earned me more in three days than a week in the gallery! Wow! I will soon be able to buy a new camera! Then my blogs won't have to be solid blocks of text anymore!

Bye for now, loyal readers! XD

So, how was your weekend?

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