Monday, March 1, 2010

Oh, no!

My camera is on the fritz, so there may not be any updates until I figure out what is wrong, or I can purchase a new camera. I don't have the funds for a new camera.

So here's some other stuff to tide all you rabid readers over.

I bought art! The last gallery show was a student photography show, and it was amazing. These only cost me $10 a piece! Aren't they beautiful???

This here was my first art project of my senior year, when I was in my Batman phase... that I never left.
Graphite and Prismacolor pencils 22 in x 26in

This pic here I love very much, because it taught me that I could do big pictures on my own. And he's my favourite charcter from Pirates of the Caribbean, he's just so cool-looking!
Charcoal and chalk pastel pencils. 14in x 17in.

And this one I did during one of my snowed-in weekends. This movie was awesome.
Charcoal. 14in x 17in.

All the art by me will be for sale during my third-of-an art show in April.

That's all for today! ... and probably for a little while. Bye, everybody!

A question for you:
What type of art is your favourite?

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