Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Spring Break, Spring Break, I Love You So

Well, this is bizarre.
I have the house entirely to myself. And not just for today, oh, no.
But for all week. Ha-HAH!
I woke up at 10:30, and had Razzleberry pie and a can of Diet Coke for lunch.
I wish this break was longer...
Tomorrow, I'm working over at OUE, from 8am-2pm, cuz they're hosting a career day.
There will be 900 eighth graders.
And, yeah, I'm doing it for the money;
the gallery does not open again until my show, April 19th.
This is $50 + I wasn't counting on. And college books are expensive.
And, with this extra money, plus my "huge" paycheck from helping out,
ushering for the play,
I'll be set for my books, a new camera
and any new frames I have to get for my charcoals.
(I totally thought I had 18 or more pieces ready for my show,
but as of now, I only have 15 or 16. I got some
catching up to do. And I'm running out of ideas...)
Okay, so I just wanted to update, cuz I'd not done so in over a week.
A Question For You:
What did you/have you been doing on your Spring Break?

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